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Post by chinesethunda on Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:04 pm

Gunner Guide
This is for the people that wish to be better at gunnery

Strength: 50+remaining for carrying as usual
Agility: 197 natural attack speed
Vitality: 180k hp which will be around 150-160 ish vit
Intelligence: 99 for amon ra and sp
Dexterity: 255 always
Luck: however much you wish to put, usually this is not needed as most of the points will be in vitality and agility

Upper: Alice doll and headprotector of sound with a gemini card, the alice is for players and the headprotector is for no weakness and for monsters
Middle: carry 3 blinkers with gemini, orc hero, and evil snake lord
Lower: carry gargoyle and icarus wing
Armor: formal clothes with tao gunka, highly refined formal coat with ghostring, and another armor with evil druid, if one has valk armor, then there will be no need for the evil druid, also carry a angeling formal coat for some situations
Weapon: garrison with turtle general and hydra and another garrison with stormy knight and thanatos maero, and another gun with thana and turtle general if you can afford, all the other guns are optional and free for one to test it out
Garmet: muffler with raydric as main,highly refined garmet with deviling, and another muffler with noxious, myst, perhaps a dustiness for dwing users
Footgear: Shoes with amon ra and another with moonlight flower
Accessories: gloves with smokie and either owl duke or jupiter thunder, i would recommend owl duke because one wants to keep the enemy close when using deseperado, also carry a horong for those hiding people

When fighting with a gunner, there are always choices, to either fight long distance, or go close and use desperado
and also keep in mind that gunners can also use converters!

ninjas-either disarm them and then hunt them down using bots or corner them and then spam desperado, but make sure you have undead because they may most likely use ice meteor and try to freeze you
gunners-just attack them while wearing a noxious garmet, use a thana as most gunners have high vit, if you want, you can
siths-dont use bullet shower because that is just asking for a force jump, and unless you can spam bullet shower very fast it, because it is just asking for the sith to come and destroy you, if the sith is a pd sith, just keep attacking with either bullet shower or desperado, another easy thing to do is to disarm then and then take your time to destroy them
jedis-usually have massive flee, but do not worry as you should have more hit than they do flee, carry a garrison with phree just in case for those with uber ultra flee etc, but they lack in vit
professors-they have high vit, so equip a thana garrison and attack them, if your thana gun does low dmg, then they either have low vit or are using anti-thana, in either case, just switch out to a normal bow and attack them, remember to use elemental converters
wizards-use thana gun as they usually have massive vit, or just keep them back with jupiter thunder, or, use hide and let them come close and then spam desperado, or disarm them and since most wizards use dopple, they will not be able to spam as fast, giving u time to react
creators-wear a deviling and ghostring and just attack with thana gun as they usually also have high vitality
whitesmith-high vitality people so use thana, always make sure to push them back and dont let them attack you because they will destroy your weapon, desperado quickly and rid them quickly
snipers-equip noxious garmet and disarm them and use the stormy knight card to mess up their aim
clowns and gypsies-anti arrow gear and try to keep out of range of their songs and and disarm them so they cannot musical strike or throw arrow or arrow vulcan you
assassin cross-have fire and water converters for alice and kage/headprotector of fire and then just use desperado and they should die quickly, use smokie to draw them near and as usual disarm them if you have time
stalkers-keep track of where they are and have a horong to prevent hiding, but since most stalkers use chase walk, watch their footprints and just desperado when they are near
champs-wear and deviling muffler with high refine and a highly refined pairs of tights with ghostring, attack them right after they ashura you
priests-wear an angeling armor and use cursed waters, avoid them when avoidable because they usually have massive reflect and they can tank you forever
paladins-use a thana gun and wear a ghostring armor with deviling, but also have angeling armor handy for grand cross, most paladins have the skill shrink so they push you away when you attack, this is very advantageous to you because this way, if you keep them away, they cannot hit you with grand cross, hence sometimes there is no need for angeling armor, the deviling is only for sacrifice skill that they use, normally use cursed water and normal attack them, try to back yourself against a wall or a tree and attack them and let the shrink push you against the wall and they eventually will die
lord knights-use a thana gun and simply attack them to death, try to keep them at bay as their attacks are usually strong, but they lack flee and hit, pretty straight forward, hide and lure them as usual

most gunners are used for defensive purposes and are not really effective as offensive breakers, if you have the equips to break, then just use cursed waters and a thana gun to destroy the emperium
otherwise, just be a defensive gunner and stand by the warp entrance and spam desperado when people come in, also made alot more effective when there is a paladin to cast devotion on you, also check with your guild leader to borrow an assassin cross card so you can destroy almost everything, if you have an assassin cross card, then put it in another garrison with stormy knight

anything else that should be added just feel free to comment

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